Social Media Declaration

Please thoroughly read through the social media declaration information before submitting your application

TEC Partnership firmly believes that outside of work, all staff have the right to a private life which includes freedom of speech and the right to challenge views/beliefs and values held by others.

However, it is also important for all employees to understand that any comments and or actions either written or filmed that they make and place on social media forums may upset or offend others, inside and outside of the Partnership.

It is also vital that staff understand that as a learning organisation, we have a special responsibility to ensure that freedom of speech and challenge is tempered by the need to ensure that TEC Partnership is not embarrassed or brought into disrepute by such actions.

Therefore, we ask that staff take all due care (including checking all current and previous social media accounts they have to remove any inappropriate content), to ensure that nothing which they place/d or say/said on social media/networking or on any online forum, in any format, would embarrass or bring into disrepute TEC Partnership, its employees and its learners.

I have carefully read and understand my obligations in respect of the above and I understand that to breach this may incur formal action under the Partnership Disciplinary Policy which may, in extreme cases, result in dismissal.